About us

The world is a playground and you are here to discover, imagine, build, share., play!

Choose to create communities that transcend boundaries, friendships which inspire and memories that redefine your life..

Welcome to Taavel! A mobile platform which allows you to experience the world in a unique way, explore new sights and sounds, make friends across the globe and discover yourself in the process..

Travel, choose where you want to be. Plan, in a way that make sense to you. Create, events which spark conversations.Record, with a medium you love. Share, with who you want.

Choice, It's yours.

Taavel Features


Follow the journey of fellow Taavelers. Experience the world through the eyes of those who dare to wander. Discover the sights and sound of lands near or afar and add them to your Taavel Wishlist. Lookup trip updates like images and videos by friends and witness the adventure unfold.

  1. View Photos and videos uploaded by friends
  2. Follow a fellow Taavler’s Trip Journal
  3. Stay updated about events hosted by a friend’s
  4. Stay updated about countries of interest
  5. View a friend’s Taavel Planner
  6. Discover trending photos and videos
  7. Find new places when friends check-in


Who are you? An explorer, a nomad, a local bar-hopper? Share your discoveries with friends or let them know what you’re getting up to wherever you are! Be it a town tucked away in the countryside, a local eatery in the city you live or even a country they haven’t seen before.

  1. Quickly revisit the places you’ve traveled to and activities you’ve completed.
  2. Collecting Taavel Miles? Track your earnings and keep yourself updated about the rewards you’ve unlocked.
  3. Wishlist - View all the locations, sights and sounds, you’ve wishlisted
  4. Add and edit your personal information
  5. View the profiles of your friends and mutual friends
  6. Invite your friends to Taavel
  7. View all the memories you’ve ever created and stored with Taavel

Taavel Dots

Create a trip! Begin an event.! Let Taavel summarise your photographs, check-ins and notes. Share your daily discoveries & travel stories.

  1. Ask Taavel to create summaries of your trips or events
  2. Share photos, videos, check-ins with friends
  3. Create a map of your your entire journey or event.

Taavel Planner

Plan a Solo soul search or give a shout out to Taavelers to join you on an unplanned trip or random adventures! Create a Taavel Plan by reaching out to Taavelers from across the globe and searching for them by their location, a convenient travel date or by friends and their first mutual connections.

  1. Broadcast your travel plans and dates
  2. Discover friends traveling to the your destination of choice.
  3. Share Travel information and tips

Taavel Trends

Spaces and the moments in between! Explore the most beautiful sights and sounds being discovered around the world right now! Discover trending videos and images that you can add to your Taavel Wishlist.

  1. View the most popular pictures and videos posted by the Taavel community.
  2. Like, share and comment on posts
  3. Start your own trend.


Click. Capture. Create. Let your adventure inspire others. Share your experiences with the world in the form of photos, videos and micro-blogs.

  1. Share Pictures and videos from your trip or event.
  2. Write Micro-blogs, upto 1000 words in length
  3. Visit older memories and relive past experiences
  4. Earn Taavel Miles by sharing memories


Point. Click. Capture. Connected to the internet or not, Taavel allows you to snap photographs and record videos and share them later.

  1. Use your phone’s camera to take photographs and record videos
  2. Bring life to your images with Taavel’s 40 inbuilt filters
  3. Connect to the internet to share your moments to earn Taavel Miles

I’m Here

Whether at an event or during a trip, check-in to bars, restaurants, stadiums or any location you’d like to share with your fellow Taavlers.

  1. Tag a location
  2. Let your friends know where you’ve been
  3. Check-in to more venues to earn Taavel Miles

Places Visited

Bar, pub, club, restaurant, cities, countries, events, trips. Keep count of where you’ve been and the experiences you’ve created in these places!